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Thursday, May 18, 2023

A look at the many construction projects near Cabela's in Post Falls

 The motto of this site is answering the question "Hey, I wonder what's going in there?". And, currently one of the more common places where people are asking that question these days is in The Pointe at Post Falls development.

The Pointe at Post Falls is the name of the 173 acre development surrounding the existing Cabela's store accessed by exit 1 of I-90 in Idaho just over the Washington border. The development falls within the city limits of Post Falls, although the small community of State Line is directly north of the development. While they didn't originally create the development, today it is a project of the Draper,UT based Wadsworth Development Group.

Wadsworth sells the lots there via local commercial real estate brokers and those buyers start their own projects. This is a look at those projects, starting with one that is a huge rumor but in reality, not included just yet. I'm including it just to hopefully help to debunk it...

Costco is not coming to State Line- Not too say it will for sure never happen, I scan government sites and track these things daily. The company doesn't own any parcels within the development site, hasn't been named in a City of Post Falls building permit or pre-development application in the last couple of years. Additionally, Costco actually lists there most current new store openings online and none are in this area.

70 N. Beck Rd - Circle K gas station and convenience store 

Planned to the north of the existing Maverik gas station on the northeast side of the intersection of W. Pointe Pkwy is planned to be a new Circle K gas station and convenience store. Permits have been filed and a job site trailer currently sits there although no actual construction has commenced as of my writing this.

140/150 N. Beck Rd - Large class A warehouses

Two large class A warehouses are rising along N. Beck Rd, just north of W. Pointe Pkwy. , and given their size are rather visible from I-90. The larger of the two is the back one that recently had it's walls erected, it will offer 238,000 SF of new warehouse space, while the other will have 168,000 SF. The space is devisable and already being marketed for lease but no news to share just yet about tenants.

SW corner of N. Beck Rd. and W. Pointe Pkwy - several new businesses!

Perhaps one of the more exciting developments within the Pointe at Post Falls development is the area across from Maverik on the SW side of the intersection. A construction fence has gone up here recently and some equipment is there implying construction is about to start. This project will contain an anchor building, two multi-tenant commercial buildings and a couple of pad sites. It's proven very popular as well as we checked with the project's developer and we're able to confirm this site will contain the following- Napa Auto Parts, Wendy's , The Joint Chiropractic and The Man Shop. Leasing continues for the remainder of property.

317 S. Beck Rd  - Gesa Credit Union and ???

Site work recently started on this site along a newly constructed section of Beck Rd, backing up to the freeway. We've been told it's still too early to receive exact information on this project but according to building permits it'll be a 10,210 SF building with a Gesa Credit Union branch and three tenant spaces. No mention of what might open in those tenant spaces, however.

497 S. Beck Rd - Nutex Post Falls Emergency Hospital

Houston,TX based Nutex Health is developing a network of stand-alone hospitals all over the country and one will be located here in Post Falls. Construction has already commenced of what building permit info shows as a 21,000 SF medical building.

6190 W. Pointe Pkwy - Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

A franchisee of Popeyes has purchased this lot at the SE side of the intersection of W. Pointe Pkwy and Baugh Way. Construction has yet to commence for the new restaurant however, but it does seem to still be coming.

6299 W. Pointe Pkwy - Dutch Bros. Coffee

Although I think there has been some delays with the construction the new Dutch Bros location here is pretty far along now. The main building is now standing, but the parking area and landscaping a noticeably missing. It will probably open within the next couple of months however.

W. Pointe Pkwy just west of Walmart - Taco Bell

This lot has yet to receive an official address, but the parcel has been sold to a company that has the same address as the company that owns most North Idaho Taco Bell franchises. Pre-development was also done some time ago to develop this lot into a new Taco Bell restaurant, time will only tell though how long it will be until we see actual construction here however.


A large apartment complex was approved on the large parcel due west of the existing Walmart store, heading all the way to Cabela's property area. Still waiting on construction to happen there as well.

Thai Bamboo did a pre-development application for a 8000 SF restaurant to be built on land within the development. Although it is public record, this is just an early step in development so I won't mention the exact lot as this could still not happen.

To the east of the Pointe at Post Falls is even more development that I'll try to cover in another post. In that area will be two more apartment complexes, two more warehouses and a large self-storage facility.