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Sunday, January 28, 2024

The Tipsy Vine to open in Spokane Valley

 Business owner Julia Carlson has built her wine business, The Tipsy Vine, from a small, curated Washington Wine Club to a growing business that will soon open its new open to the public retail wine shop in Spokane Valley, not far from Liberty Lake.

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The Tipsy Vine shop will be located in a 1500 square foot storefront at 18213 E. Appleway that I'm told will be a neighborhood wine shop "one that you stop in on your way home from work to grab a bottle" said Carlson. The front half of the store will be the retail wine sales and the back half they plan to use one day as an event space / cellar storage, but that part won't be ready at opening day.

The shop will focus on Washington wines that the owner is personally curating, there will also be occasional tastings at the shop. Additionally, the wine club will remain with club members currently receive three releases each year, offering 4-6-12 bottle allocations. More information about joining The Tipsy Vine's wine club is on their website which is linked below. Also, follow them on their social media for an exact opening date, which they will be announcing soon.