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Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally more growth in Riverstone...

Srm development's Riverstone project in Coeur d Alene seems to be coming back to life ever so slowly.While the main core project,The lifestyle center mall,still sits mostly empty waiting for stores which i'm sure will come but not for a little while more, This time it's other parts like the area called Riverstone West.The most visible is the development is a 50 unit apartment complex directly on the Prarie Trail and by the Spokane River,the apartments are named The Riverstone West Family Apartments and are going up on John Loop and being built by Whitewater Creek and Hayden based company that has built several other similar apartment buildings in the Inland Northwest.Also I have noticed dirt being moved on the site that is owned by Baker Construction but will be used a district office for the FBI.Also Citylink the tribal owned city bus service that runs thru most of Kootenai County I hear will build a permanent office and replace it's existing dirt park and ride facility with a more permanent one which will be welcome and Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care is building a new office next to Riverstone Park farther in to the development and a company just called Riverstone Holding is in the works of building a 6,000 sq. foot office building with a perspective tenant already in mind,this will be right next to Advanced's building and Pinkerington Retirement Investments has plans for a 10,000 office building also over on John Loop. This should be a good area to watch over the next few months.