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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kendall Yards moving right along.

Kendall Yards,the large project on the north bank of the Spokane River near Downtown Spokane is finally moving along even since Greenstone took over and saved the day,so to speak from the defunct and broke former developer which originally came up with the idea of the large mixed use urban development.Today I learned they have plans for grocery store(of some sort,no names as of yet) to be in place and open by next thanksgiving which would be a great idea and surely would help along to commercial and office parts of the project but does pose some interesting questions with parking,The site of the grocery store would end up near the Spokane County court campus which has a serious parking crunch of it's own with people being on parking permit waiting lists for litterly years.So it surely will be interesting to see what happens i'm just glad to see actual work at Kendall Yards and Greenstone says they plan to build 1 to 3 of their planned office buildings at this site next year as well as more housing which is still under construction as we speak.And Kendall Yards is building a good style of homes with fair prices to be more appealing and all within walking distance for most to Downtown Spokane.I'll be watching and posting more on Kendall Yards in the near future and hopfully will post some pictures at some point,so keep checking back

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