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Monday, May 28, 2012

Major road constuction projects underway in North Idaho

This spring and summer will be no different then years past for Coeur d' Alene as the orange barrels and road closed signs have already gone up at a few locations in the Coeur d' Alene area. A few of the major construction spots this year are...

1. Beck Rd. / I-90 Interchange in Post Falls
   Construction will begin soon in Post Falls on I-90 for construction of a new freeway interchange at Beck Rd near the State Line Wal-Mart and Post Falls Cabela's store. Once construction is complete later this year Beck Rd will be rebuild and a round about will connect Beck Rd. with Riversbend Ave which will also provide a new  entry to the mostly dead North Idaho Outlet Mall.

2. Phase 1B of the Education Corridor in Coeur d' Alene (Northwest Blvd. and River Ave.)
 Construction is already well underway for the next phase of Coeur d' Alene's education corridor road construction. The first phase involved rebuilding Hubbard Ave to cross the former mill site and providing a new entry way to North Idaho College. This new phase of construction is to extend River Ave. from it current end at Mullan Ave. by the Kootenai Bridge Acadamy to a new major intersection with traffic signal at Northwest Blvd. . During construction some work and re-configuration will also take place on the busy Northwest Blvd. also a railroad track that ran thru the project has already been removed as the rail line has been abandoned for some time.

3. Government Way re-construction from Dalton Ave. north several blocks.
  Construction has begun on rebuilding of Government Way from Dalton Ave. north to Hanley Ave. The construction will majorly effect travel thru the very busy Government Way corridor. The first phase of the construction is to rebuild the sewer and water lines that run under they run under the roadway. The second phase which will take place later this summer will be to actually re-build Government Way from the current 2 lane alignment to 4 lanes with a turn lane in the middle.

4. US 95 Re-construction from near Coeur d' Alene north by Athol and Silverwood
  More on this project coming soon on another post here on Inland Northwest Business Watch

Many other projects will or are taking place right now effects how the CdA area gets around and does business.Watch this blog and our Facebook page as the summer progresses.