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Monday, October 6, 2014

Washington Trust Bank to renovate / move into Ridpath Annex

Earlier today I posted about the recently uncovered plans to renovate the large building at 119 S. Stevens into retail and office space after sitting largely un-used for sometime.

But also coming soon to the exact same neighborhood is another renovation project affecting another long time vacant building. I, unfortunately have very little about the exact plans on this one.

Washington Trust Bank has acquired the former Ridpath Annex, which was historically a "motor inn" style addition to the Ridpath Hotel located across First Ave. from the main hotel building. The building has been empty for sometime although there was once a plan to turn the building into condo's , all plans for that have since fallen through however.

Washington Trust Bank will renovate the entire building for their own office space. The bank has filled all it's available office space it uses in the Washington Trust Financial Center at 717 W. Sprague, a skyscraper on the Western side of Downtown Spokane an continued growth within the bank has prompted their need for the new building.

There is no word as of now about what departments of the bank will be located within the Ridpath Annex or how many new jobs this new office space will create.

Also, the Ridpath Annex is attached via a skybridge to the main Ridpath Hotel. I have no news on wither or not it will stay or be removed. The main Ridpath Hotel is planned to also be renovated into a large new apartment complex. That project is still planned, although is running late due to excessive and unexpected water damage when a pipe burst earlier this year.