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Monday, October 6, 2014

Renovations coming to 119 S. Stevens, Downtown Spokane

On the north side of Downtown Spokane, Walt Worthy's Grand Hotel Spokane project has spawned a few renovations of buildings. But it looks like the coming renovations at the Ridpath Hotel ( to become apartments ) is beginning to spawn a few new construction projects in it's more southerly Downtown neighborhood.

One of which appeared last week as a predevelopment conference on the City's web site. That is the plans for renovations at 119 S. Stevens. The building is owned by Evergreen Parking who already uses part of the property for parking as is.

The building on the site is a 5 story largely empty brick building which faces Stevens and is directly along the railroad viaduct, just to the South of 1st Ave.

While renovations plans could change, the current plans show adding parking with a small two story parking structure. Inside the building the ground floor plans call for 2 bays of retail storefront space (about 1,000 square feet each ) facing Stevens along with a new office tenant space behind the retail space.

The upper four floors of the building will be converted to more office space. Plans show two office spaces on each of the upper floors with about 6,000 square feet of total space on each floor.

We will continue to watch for more on these plans like tenants, construction dates , etc...