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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New North Spokane Costco construction to start very soon

Plans have been in motion since late 2015 to re-build and relocate the North Spokane Costco store. The plan is to move the big box store from it's current site at 7619 N. Division ( within the City of Spokane ) to a vacant lot at 12020 N. Newport Hwy ( in Spokane County ) . But, the project has been slow to take off between the tax issue ( city vs. county ) and the site's proximity to the now contaminated Kaiser Aluminum Mead campus.

But, we're now learning that this new Costco is about the start construction as the Issaquah based warehouse retailer has now applied for their building permits to construct both the new store and adjacent fuel center. Currently the permit is " under review " and will likely be issued very soon. Because this article is based on the county's building permit filings we don't have any news today from Costco about when the new store will open but we have an indication of that too....

That's because the current Costco has gone up for sale, and in that building's marketing materials it mentions that the sale is contingent on the new location opening, which it says will happen in the fall of this year.

Also, interesting about the current Costco being listed as "for sale" is the fact that there was a rumor that Fred Meyer was planning a store there. With this sale listing it appears Fred Meyer will not be moving in there, at least not right away.

We'll post more about the new Costco as we get it, but here is what we know now-

-To built along N. Newport Hwy, north of the Newport / Nevada intersection.

-Lydig Construction is listed as the general contractor.

-167,317 square foot store

- Over 30,000 square feet larger then the N. Division store

- Fuel center will also be larger then the N. Division store, permit is listed as over 10,000 square feet.

Keep watching this site for more....