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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Advance Auto Parts to kick off new retail project along Ruby

About a year ago we mentioned the purposed plans for a project called the North Gateway Center, off of Ruby north of Downtown Spokane. Many of these proposals come and go and it's sat as little more then a promotional page on SDS Realty's website all this time, until now.

Now it looks like the project is moving forward with a recent city meeting and plans that show an actual tenant in a new building and plans to remodel another building that is already on the site. The site of the development is in-between Ruby & Division , bound by Ermina on the south and Montgomery on the north. The development will someday take up most of the block, except for the northwest corner where " The Bargain Lot " used auto dealership sits today.

The plans now call for-

- The auto repair / tire place at the corner of Ruby & Ermina to be replaced by a 6,912 square foot stand alone Advance Auto Parts store.

- A renovation to the older building that housed Brock's Gunsmithing and a barbershop. It would be leased out but no tenants mentioned for that area just yet.

- The vacant lot to the north , where the shed sales center currently sits is considered a future phase with a new retail building on it and parking space in the rear of the building accessed off of Montgomery. Judging by the site plan I'm guessing that building would also be in the 6 or 7000 square foot range.

Leasing work is ongoing for this project and the project is being marketed by SDS Realty of Spokane. For more information about leasing space here or at their other listings visit-