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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spokane Tribe Casino takes huge step foward with new name / logo and new office announcment

This morning at a small press conference in Airway Heights ,The Spokane Tribe took a huge step forward in the process of bringing their new casino to area. The Tribe, which has had their new casino under construction for a few months now announced a new name, new logo, new website and even the location of their new temporary offices which they will use in part to do the hiring process for the staff of their new casino.

The Spokane Tribe says they examined several different name choices for the property but in the end settled on a easy to remember name that honors who they are as a Native people. From this point on the casino will be named The Spokane Tribe Casino.

It is of note that the plan was to incorporate the new casino into a partnership with Hard Rock's branding and name. We will be contacting the Tribe to see if they have comment on the relationship with Hard Rock but the lack of Hard Rock in the name might be because of this being only the property first phase where it won't include the hotel or much of what is planned to eventually be included. In fact at it's opening date ( which is to happen sometime this fall ) the Spokane Tribe Casino won't be a huge place but they do plan to continue building to project out over time.

Here is what the Spokane Tribe Casino will include on opening day-

A 38,000 square foot building

450 slot machines

12 table games

full service restaurant and bar ( name, branding & menu to be announced later )

quick service deli type restaurant

small bar located on the gaming floor

The Spokane Tribe Casino will also align itself with the same players club as the Spokane Tribe's other two casino's, The Sun Club , named for the Spokane name meaning " Children of the Sun ".

In addition to the announcement about the name they also un-veiled their new office complex to manage the project from until opening day. The space is actually 3 buildings that previously housed the R&R RV dealership at 13918 W. Sunset Hwy in Airway Heights. Two of the buildings there will be used as office space and the third will be a training center for the Casino employees. This site is all just a bit to the east of the actual casino's site.

Also they unveiled their new logo, which I will post a picture of below this. The logo includes several elements inspired by tribal traditions and culture. The press release indicates that you will find an arrow carved out of the A in Spokane suggests both the good luck of a winning streak and the future prosperity for the tribe and the region. The two horses facing each other, one looking back at the tribe's honored past and one looking forward toward the tribe's bright future. And, the three arrow points in-between the horses also represent the three bands of the Spokane Tribe.

Along with all of this news, the Spokane Tribe also announced they have officially launched a new website that is specific to the Spokane Tribe Casino, you'll find a link to that below. They did mention that the original STEP Spokane website will remain up and being update but that site does refer more to the tribe's plans for the entire site, which they are also developing around the casino at the northwest corner of US 2 ( Sunset Hwy. ) and Craig Rd.

For the website of the Spokane Tribe Casino, visit-

A video of what casino looks like today was also posted today on the STEP Spokane Facebook page at-

And, of note the Spokane Tribe Casino also now has it's own Facebook page ( I was like number 6, btw ). That can be found at-