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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Falls, high rise near Spokane Arena, might happen soon

There has been rumblings for quite sometime that a developer was planning to replace the former YWCA campus near Downtown with a huge new high rise project. We hear it mentioned occasionally, sometimes I'll get asked about it, but yet days and days go by and the YWCA buildings sit at N Lincoln & Broadway empty and waiting for someone to do something.

We discovered last year that Spokane based LB Stone Development was hiring for a project manager for the development and while I don't know if that position ever did get filled, it looks like work has moved forward on the plan. We know because plans we're recently revealed along with some other documents submitted for a pre-development meeting with the City of Spokane. And, if The Falls development is built as the plans are now, this will be a game changer for the north bank of the Spokane River.

While this is a HUGE step forward for The Falls it by no means construction will start tomorrow. Actually with a plan of this size I don't expect any construction this year ( I hope I'm wrong though, please prove me wrong LB Stone ) .

So, just what is The Falls. Here is the details-

-Two high rise towers, height and number of floors not shown but once upon a time it was to be 12 stories. Maybe still the same?

- 120 apartments

- 18 condos

- 120 room hotel

- 25,000 square feet of retail / restaurant space

- 25,000 square feet of office space.

The Falls would be built in a similar kind of construction to the newly proposed mixed use buildings next to The Inlander in Kendall Yards. They would be a podium style construction built overtop of a large underground parking garage.

No contractor is shown for The Falls high rise yet but we do know that design work is being done by Collins Woerman Architects of Seattle.

We will keep an eye on this project as it progresses....