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Monday, October 30, 2017

Monroe Street Grill opens in formerly abandoned Shari's on N. Monroe

It's been 4 years now since the last meal was served in the former Shari's location at 1829 N. Monroe. The whole time since then the building has sat empty and waiting, attracting a few transients camping around the property but no real life. There even was a short lived plan to demolish the structure and construct a new Burger King but that planned fizzled quickly after learning of the conflictions that plan would have with city code in a pedestrian corridor like North Monroe.

But, hope was not lost as LaShay and Lonnie Germain, owners of Top of the Line Burgers in Cheney closed their Cheney restaurant to open a cool new locally owned and operated place fittingly called Monroe Street Grill in the former Sherri's building.

The new Monroe Street Grill opened for business back on the 11th and serve a decent size menu of staples like burgers, seafood , breakfast , hand breaded cod, chicken sandwiches and more in a family friendly environment. They also have a selection of beer and wine and some full dinner entrees including a Prime Rib Dinner on Friday nights starting at 4pm.

I usually keep my opinions out of this blog but please pay them a visit as they have done a great thing opening a local business there and saving that corner. I'm guilty of going to Burger King every now and then but I'd much rather have this place on North Monroe then a cookie cutter fast food drive though any day!

For more information on the Monroe Street Grill find them on Facebook, they have pictures of the menu posted their as well-