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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Duluth Trading Co. coming to Spokane Valley

You've likely seen their ad's on TV, but soon you'll see them in person. This is because Duluth Trading Co. announced recently they plan to build a new store in Spokane Valley.

The company which is Wisconsin based, sells primarily clothing and accessories. The companies merchandise leans more toward work wear and outdoor apparel. Duluth Trading Co. has seen rapid expansion in recent years, something not common among retailers and this Spokane Valley location will be the company's first store in Washington State.

The new Spokane Valley Duluth Trading Company store will be a 15,000 square foot new construction building to be built at 16314 E. Indiana, a bit to the east of Spokane Valley Mall. The store will be in-between the Hampton Inn and the former Hooters restaurant which is also currently under construction to be used in part by a church. Construction will likely start in the fall, meaning the new store probably won't open until early 2019.

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