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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Exotic Metals Forming looks to be planning a big plant expansion in Airway Heights

Just 4 years ago, Exotic Metals Forming announced that they would build a new factory nearby Spokane International Airport in Airway Heights. Now the Kent based aerospace company is open and operational in that 150,000 square foot plant located at 12821 W. McFarlane Rd.

But, it looks like Exotic Metals Forming isn't done investing in the Spokane region. This as the company has filed a SEPA application for a very large expansion, built out over the next couple of years. If all is approved and goes as planned the company plans to build 2 more 150,000 square foot buildings directly the west of their existing facility.

Construction of the 1st building is hoped to begin early next year, and the 2nd building would follow that, possibly in 2020 although construction dates for that phase aren't set yet. A new 300 space parking lot would also be added, also built in phases. And, each new phase would add about 150 new jobs.

Exotic Metals Forming specializes in the design and fabrication of sheet metal assemblies and components for commercial and military aircraft applications. The already employ an estimated 150 in Airway Heights and per their website appear to be presently hiring.

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