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Monday, December 3, 2018

New medical office building with attached Wake Up Call coffee shop coming to Liberty Lake

Construction will be getting underway soon for a new two story medical office building on the west side of Liberty Lake. In addition to the new medical offices, the scoop that's creating the most buzz is the building will also have an attached Wake Up Call coffee shop.

Plans call for the new building to be built at 22011 E. Country Vista Dr. , or a bit west of Yokes. The office portion will have about 5400 square feet of space on the ground floor and 4188 square feet on the second floor. The Wake Up Call will occupy about 1200 square feet in an addition and will include a drive thru lane, like all other Wake Up Call coffee shops.

The building is also already fully leased with Liberty Lake Eyecare Center and Casey Family Dental planning on also opening locations in the new building. As currently planned the businesses coming to this project will open after the building is completed, likely during the Summer of 2019.