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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Walls up for big expansion at Huntwood Cabinets in Liberty Lake

Despite all the negativity surrounding the economy, some companies are still growing and choosing to invest in the Spokane area. One such company is the locally based Huntwood Cabinets, construction crews are hard at work there on an expansion to their already 560,000+ square foot facility located at 23800 E. Appleway in Liberty Lake.

Walls recently went up for the new tilt-up concrete warehouse expansion that will be added on the western side of the current building. Plans call for a new 63,750 square foot space, a 5,000 square foot " open canopy structure" and an enlarged truck parking area. The expansion is planned to be built in phases, and what is currently under construction is phase one of two.

The expansion is being built with Baker Construction & Development acting as the contractor and design work being done by Bernardo Wills Architects PC, both of Spokane. No mention of how many new jobs this project will create.