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Friday, January 21, 2022

New return reseller, Spokane Bins opening soon in Spokane

 Spokane Bins is coming soon to an 1800 square foot space at 14 E. Mission #5, just north of Downtown Spokane. The new business will be a returned merchandise reseller, a recently trending discount store concept which has been popping up elsewhere around the country.

The store plans to acquire returned good trucks from Amazon, both completely unsorted goods and general merchandise products. Products are emptied into bins and can vary wildly from small cheap items to the significantly more valuable. Amazon sells thousands of products so the merchandise could actually be anything.

Spokane Bins plans to have their grand opening at 11am on Feb 5th. After that, they plan to have the store open on Fri-Mon. 11-6p, allowing for restocking to happen on the off days. The unsorted merchandise will be priced starting at $12, then decreasing in price every day with a $1 day every week. The other more pre-sorted merchandise would be priced differently with a $50 Max. All of this is their current opening plans and can change, check with the store directly for the most exact and current news.

For more information on Spokane Bins, find them on Facebook at or