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Sunday, June 25, 2023

The many construction projects underway in Liberty Lake (project update)

 Today I found myself out and about, yet still trying desperately to avoid the crowds of Hoopfest and Ironman. So, I figured I'd take a drive around Liberty Lake and check up on some of the many construction projects currently in development in the city. I figured it would go well in a bit of a project update post on here. Now clearly, I didn't get to every project, but I think this is a good sample of the present happenings...

New Bangkok Thai / commercial development at Country Vista Dr and Whitman Ln.

A few months ago the first phase of this new commercial development opened with two new buildings. Today that section is home to Palenque Mexican Restaurant, Children's Choice Dental and Reese Boutique. 

Recently however construction commenced on the second phase, adding two more buildings. Both being constructed with Silvey Construction acting as the general contractor these structures appear to now be up to shell form and still progressing. 

The first building at 1312 N Whitman Ln is a 3900 SF stand-alone building that will become a new location of Bangkok Thai. Immediately to the east of that building is a new 4700 SF strip mall style structure at 1310 N. Whitman Ln. . According to permit data on file with the City of Liberty Lake this structure will be home to a location of the golf instruction chain, Golftec. Another business just called "salon tenant" also recently applied for a tenant improvement project in this building but as it was applied for only 4 days ago little is known about it.

Les Schwab Tire Center

Site work is well underway and foundation work also appears to have commenced for the new Liberty Lake location of Les Schwab Tire Centers. Rising off along Appleway, across from Taco Bell and adjacent to the parking lot of the Liberty Lake Business Center complex. This new tire shop will be a slightly over 9500 SF building and is to feature six work bays, support areas and tire storage.

B & E Electric

Looking largely complete is the new structure at 2211 N. Madson, a bit south of Appleway. The 19,840 SF industrial building is planned to be the home of B & E Electric an industrial electrical contracting company.

What I didn't get to today, or didn't take a picture of yet is still planned to be coming to Liberty Lake-

Hormann Spokane Sales Center is planned to be built at 2526 N Fairway Ln and will be a 36,356 SF warehouse and offices for the residential and commercial garage door company.

"Market B Marine" I suspect they are using a false name for this but plans are still underway regardless for a new 69,000 SF marine sales & service facility at 24901 E. Appleway, in-between Appleway and I-90.

Northwest Trends flooring manufacturer and sales company Northwest Trends is planning a 44,127 SF facility at 25191 E. Appleway, next door to Cannabis & Glass. Site work has commenced for the new facility which according to permits includes 7,844 SF of offices/sales space and 30,149 SF of manufacturing space.

"Knox Lane III" Construction continues for Rudeen Development's complex of small warehouses on the site near the corner of Eagle/Knox and Appleway. Several businesses are already here and it looks like a couple more warehouse style buildings are presently under construction. A company called Crane Tech also recently applied for tenant improvement here.

Idaho Central Credit Union Some construction looks to have started for the new Liberty Lake branch of Idaho Central Credit Union. Plans call for a new 9,000 SF stand-alone branch with an attached drive thru at 21398 E. Country Vista Dr.


NoLL a new mixed use development near the corner of Harvard Rd & Indiana on the north side of Liberty Lake. Not much has moved forward lately here but things are very much still coming. New apartments are nearing completion along Indiana to the west of the already completed commercial welcome center building.

A little, albeit little work has happened on the two new commercial buildings on the north side of the site along the newly created Wildrye Drive. Three new restaurants are planned for those buildings but as the progress has been slow lately, we won't mention them publicly right now and will do a post for them when the timing is right.

We're also hearing Greenstone does have a couple more mixed-use buildings currently in for design here. And, TT's Old Iron Brewery & BBQ recently announced they will open a new restaurant in the Greenstone developed building across from Orchard Park and not far to the west of NoLL proper.

Apartments, Apartments, Apartments Like everywhere else in the Inland Northwest right now, new multi-family developments are under construction or in the works in large numbers. And there are a few in the pipeline for Liberty Lake proper. Including-

Courtyard East Apartments a collection of 90 new apartments from developer Greenstone Homes that is along the south side of Indiana in-between the aforementioned NoLL development and the River District subdivision. These apartments are under construction with leasing starting soon.

"4th Avenue Liberty Lake Apartments" a new 240 unit apartment complex planned at 24085 E. Mission Ave. on vacant land just east of the Meadowwood Technology Campus. Unsure of name or construction timeline.

Jake Townhomes site- Planned by multi-family developer Jake Townhomes is a 511 unit (at full build out) apartment complex. The site is just south of Country Vista Dr. and east of the Legacy Ridge development gate. Unsure of name or construction timeline.

Neighborly Ventures site- Planned by Salem,OR based developer Neighborly Ventures is a 288 unit apartment complex, serviced by a new street called Stanley Way and near the intersection of Country Vista Dr and Kramer Pkwy. Unsure of name or construction timeline.