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Thursday, March 28, 2024

AAA Washington opens first Spokane fleet center

 To better meet the needs of their members, AAA Washington recently announced the expansion of their fleet operations with a relocation of a Seattle area fleet center and the opening of a new Spokane fleet center, the first one in our area. The AAA Washington fleet centers are essentially a hub for their towing and roadside assistance services in a designated area.

Courtesy photo at the new AAA Washington Spokane fleet center.

"This fleet expansion is about elevating the level of service that defines our commitment to every member we serve. Along with our expanded fleet, we will continue to work closely with our long-standing network of service providers to ensure that we remain a trusted partner on the road, today and well into the future" said Percy Hoffman, VP of automotive solutions at AAA Washington.

The new Spokane fleet center is located on E. Springfield on Spokane's east side and is a fleet only center so it is not open to the public. However, AAA members can receive services from it at anytime by calling the number on their membership card and a tow truck driver will be dispatched to their location. The new center will also add EV roadside services in the near future but it is not available here as of my writing this.

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