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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Wetzel's Pretzels and Spill The Tea coming to the Post Falls Pavilion

 New places to eat are coming soon to the Post Falls Pavilion food truck court, located along Horsehaven Ave., just west of Hwy. 41 in Post Falls. The food truck development hosts numerous outdoor food trucks, a Jitterz Espresso drive thru and a few indoor restaurants / dining space.

The new places coming are:

Wetzel's Pretzels the famous pretzel chain who've likely seen in malls all over the country is coming to Post Falls Pavilion. This time though they will be inside a yellow food truck near the entrance to the site. We're told the new Wetzel's Truck should be open sometime within the next couple of weeks. (Follow their local account on Instagram)

Spill The Tea will be a new inside vendor at the site. The new business will offer boba milk tea's and an acai bar. Their new place will likely be opening in late April or early May. (Follow them on Instagram )

Additionally I'm told two more new food trucks will be joining the site soon but it's too early to give out names and information on those. So, we will try to do an update either on the blog or our social media pages when we know more.