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Friday, March 29, 2024

Glazed and Confused Donuts opens inside a Spokane Valley dispensary (actual donuts coming soon)

 You've likely seen Glazed and Confused Donuts popping up at any number of local events in recent years. But now they've opened in a more permanent location in Spokane Valley. Sharing space with another local business that in a way go hand in hand.

Glazed and Confused has opened a stand within the Locals Culture House, a Cannabis dispensary located at 9616 E. Sprague Suite C in Spokane Valley. The new place is new open but as of the writing of this their actual donuts aren't available just yet and are coming soon. What is available is a menu of coffee, smoothies, Lotus & Red Bull drinks and lemonades. 

The new shop also offers "dirty soda" options where one can order sodas with various flavors and cream. Food wise the new Glazed and Confused does have options there too with bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Given the location of the business, customers do need to be 21 and over to enter however delivery is available via DoorDash.

They tell me they do still plan to be open at some events too over the Summer. However, they can't say exactly when and where yet as they will also be building out another new location that is set to open to 2025. They tell me too that it is too early in the process to reveal where that new location will be.

For more information on Glazed and Confused Donuts, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook