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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Paperbound Books to open new store in Cheney

 Local used book vendor, Paperbound Books is planning their first store coming soon to Cheney. The business has been selling books at via pop ups and events for sometime but this will be there first brick-and-mortar store and it's already under construction and set to open sometime this Summer.

The new Paperbound Books store will be share the same building as The Mason Jar at 101 F St. in Downtown Cheney. The new bookstore will be accessible from the street and though The Mason Jar coffee shop. They tell me the store will have a Victorian-style vintage look, with dark paints and furniture, plants everywhere, lamps and string-type lighting giving the shop a "fairy-forest vibe".

Paperbound Books will sell primarily used books, all genres, with an emphasis on fiction and reselling textbooks for students. They also plan to collaborate with other local small businesses, currently planning to join up with one that sells antiques and another that sells comics. Keep an eye on Paperbound Books' social media pages (linked below) for updates on the new store. Also watch for them set up as a vendor every other Saturday at the Cheney Farmers Market.

For more info on Paperbound Books, visit their website at or follow them via Instagram or Facebook