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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Spokane Sugar Candy planning new storefront in Spokane Valley

Spokane Sugar Candy, a locally owned and operated vendor of many delicious cotton candy creations is getting ready to open a new store front in Spokane Valley. This will be the first official store front for the business, although they did previously operate a temporary kiosk at Spokane Valley Mall.

The new Spokane Sugar Candy storefront will be within a space shared with The Blissful Whisk at 1612 N. Barker Rd in Spokane Valley. They will have their own space within the store and help The Blissful Whisk which is another great local small business that has struggled some in recent times. The agreement will likely also bring new customers into their store as well.

Currently Spokane Sugar Candy has agreed to operate through the summer at the Barker Rd. location with an opening likely in early July. They also hope to stay open longer than just the Summer if the community supports them. The business has been largely built on being a vendor at numerous local events and private catering setups, which they plan to continue to do as well.

At the new store, Spokane Sugar Candy plans to sell many cotton candy confections like cotton candy character art shapes, cotton candy cakes, cotton candy glitter drink mixers and cotton candy in over 50 flavors made fresh. After opening they also plan to add ice cream and other treats as well.

For more information on Spokane Sugar Candy, visit their website at and give them a follow-on social media to keep an eye out for their store opening and new items via Instagram or Facebook