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Thursday, June 6, 2024

New commercial development moves forward near North Spokane Costco

 Work is well underway for a new commercial development coming soon on a parcel immediately south of the North Spokane Costco store. Located at the southeast side of the intersection of US 2 and Renshaw Dr. the site has gathered more than a few emails asking us what's happening at the site.

Red X marking the location of the new development area.

Spokane based JWMB Properties,LLC is the land owner and developer for the project which recently went in for a SEPA application to build out the planned buildings. In November of 2023, JWMB told our friends over at the Spokane Journal of Business the site is envisioned to have a mix of single tenant and multi-tenant commercial buildings for medical, restaurant and hospitality-related businesses. More recently the project has also been marketed by NAI Black and shows a number of sites for retailers as well. But what places are going there?

The only confirmed business opening at the site that's been mentioned under the name "Crossroads North" is a 6,531 square foot Mister Car Wash location. But some pre-development applications filed with Spokane County hint at two other places likely planning the build at the site.  Those include an approx. 3,500 square foot stand-alone building for a new STCU branch and an 18,000 square foot building for a new Fred's Appliance store.

According to the project's SEPA application records, new building permits will likely be filed for new businesses from now until 2026. The plans call for the 13.2 acre site to be developed into up to 172,000 square feet of space. It also notes the site could one day employ upwards of 350-450 people.

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