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Monday, June 10, 2024

West Plains manufacturer Collins Aerospace to expand

 Collins Aerospace, an RTX business, has initiated a $200 million investment to expand manufacturing at the carbon brake production site here in Spokane over a multi-year period. The Spokane Collins Aerospace facility is located on the West Plains at 11135 W. Westbow Rd. 

Collins has plans to grow the site by more then 50%, adding 70,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space, including up to three new buildings and additional furnaces. This expansion will support increased production capacity to meet the growing demand for carbon brakes from commercial and military customers.

"Collins Aerospace is a key contributor to the Pacific Northwest aerospace manufacturing industry and plays a significant role in Spokane's economy and technological innovation" said Matt Maurer, Vice president and general manager at Collins Aerospace. The site specializes in the production and manufacturing of braking systems with DURACARB carbon disc technology which provides a longer brake life and overall cost savings.