Thursday, October 13, 2011

Probably the biggest projects in the Inland Northwest,And a little rant of the day.

Every post I do on this blog highlights big and new projects in the Inland Northwest but perhaps the largest projects aren't new at all hince why they haven't been mentioned. but I figured I just post some info and maps on the US 95 project thru North Idaho,which I hear will include an a new interchange and entry to the Silverwood Amusement  Park north of Coeur d Alene and near Athol. But bigger is Spokane's US 395 North South freeway project which will create a new way to commute from Spokane Valley to the North side,like Northtown Mall and the Wandermere area in like half the time and from a travel and truck travel stand point will create a new much faster route to Canada.The new US 395 project would also open up new industrial land on the north side which means one very important thing,jobs. The only problem is the amount of time it will take to build since one part hasn't even secured the funding needed as of yet and to date the only open part of what will one day be a several mile long freeway is a stretch of 2 lane inbetween Freya and near route 2. So it is for now just a dream but one day will be a huge part of life in Spokane and will change many ways of doing business in Spokane.
Here is a map of the new US 395 North Spokane corridor project...
Corridor Map

And for more info visit Wash DOT's project home page...

The US 395 project will also include a multi-use trail that will run the length of the project called the Children of the Sun Trail and a intermodal center.Hopfully I will get some pictures of the 395 project to post here soon.

The other project I mentioned the US 95 project which is upgradeing 95 to a freeway north of Coeur d Alene and a south of Coeur d Alene near Worley which appears to be largely complete except for maybe spots south of Worley which is an area  I don't have a lot of info on yet.
Here is a map of that project....

The map is a lot more vague but I hope to find a better one soon,all the info on the project is ITD's North Idaho district webpage at....

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