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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 is a good year for Downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane is alive and well,it's one of my favorite places in the Inland Northwest and while it's seen the economy hit it just like every other spot in America, this year has proven to be a good one all in all.Several business changes have occured but the most noticeable changes have been and will be Kendall Yards,The Unversity District projects(Martin Luther King Blvd. and Medical School) but the other 2 are what I'm focusing on in this post and those are Mobius Science Center and The Spokane Public Market.The Public market is designed to be a smaller local version of Seattle's famous Pike Place Market.It has been open since this past summer but isn't up to the full glory i'm sure the market will one day see,it's worth the visit and it's a great place to get fresh local foods and even some products,They are located at 24 W 2nd Ave in Downtown Spokane and are very easy to find off of ether main streets,Division and Browne.Here is according to what you will find there...   

The other is Mobius Science Center,Spokane has come to know and love it's Mobius Kids Museum which takes up the basement of River Park Square Mall on Main downtown since it opened to the public in Sept. of 2005.Now in the 809 W. Main Building will be Mobius Science center.I saw on KHQ that the project is progressing quite nicely and is still on track to be open in the fall on 2012,In my opinion I would expect this museum to be more popular given it's in a street level space on a street which has pretty heavy foot traffic both by locals and out of town visitors.I'm sure we will find out more in the coming months,I'm told they will begin an outreach program very soon to promote that this science center is finally coming.The exact floorplan is not online yet but here is a shot of what the science center will look like once opened in 2012

All that and that and the projects in the University District  and Kendall Yards which of course i'll follow up on that too just goes to show you that sure you can get wraped up in all the doom and gloom of lay-offs and downsizings but that there is hope and still projects moving forward,That's the way out of a recession is to look for the positive.