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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top rated in Spokane

Other then this Blog another website i've been obcessed with is so I got the idea to share the top rated business in the area so that maybe while exploring new business you can visit or re-visit some favorites.I know I personally find it it interesting because some of these i've never even been to...

1.Boo Radley's
2.Riverfront Park's Suction Goat(sad,but true)
3.Auntie's Bookstore
4.The Davenport Hotel
5.Manito Park
6.World's Largest Radio Flyer Wagon(Is it just me or does this city need better tourist attractions:) )
7.Milford's Fish House
8.Baby Bar
9.Wild Sage Bistro
10.Atticus Coffee and Gifts
11.Churchill's Steakhouse
12.Flying Goat
13.Huckleberry's Natural Market
14.Riverfront Park
16.Picabu Neighboorhood Bistro
17.Viking Tavern
18.Santorini's Greek
19.Taste Cafe
20.Gordy's Sichuan Cafe

I'll post other from other areas from time to time.