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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Set backs for Coeur d' Alene's McEwen Park project may come.

Last nights election sure did prove to be an interesting one for the city of Coeur d' Alene an the future of one of the city largest planned projects,McEwen Park.The massive rebuild of the park has been a hot button issue for months now with the side against the park plan being vocal and involved in many city government meetings,One issue they have had with the project was the plan calls for closing of the 3rd St boat launch which is used quite heavly for times like the 4th of july and basicly all summer with the tourist boat traffic on the lake,this along with the parking area being changed and even some who want to keep the American Legion Baseball Fields in place as opposed to elimateing them as well for this all new McEwen Park.
So this project has gotten a lot of people rather heated and that showed in the city of Coeur d Alene city council races with these results,Each of the winners listed below are all ones who campaigned strongly against McEwen,it is important to note however these newly elected officals only plan to send the park plan on to a public vote which there are still members of the voting public(such as myself,although I respect all viewpoints on this issue) that may still vote to move forward with the project,so all in all it just adds to the drama and suspence of this massive McEwen Park re-design and build project.

So here are the results for the City of Coeur d' Alene city council election 2011...
Coeur dAlene Council 1
Seat 1
Ron Edinger 3,23674%
Adam Graves 1,14626%
Coeur dAlene Council 3
Seat 3
Dan Gookin 2,40954%
George Sayler 1,70338%
Mitch Mitchell 1704%
Annastasia Somontes 1163%
Derec Aujay 321%
Coeur dAlene Council 5
Seat 5
Steve Adams 2,43956%
John W Bruning 1,47834%
Amber Copeland 45910%