Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gonzaga to build new student center

This spring Gonzaga University will break ground on a major new on campus project.Gonzaga will build a new student center with additional space for a few retail stores.The new student center will replace the cog and will be about 250,000 sq feet total and costing Gonzaga about 14 million dollars.The center will be in the Hamilton and Cincinnati St area.The new building is right now scheduled to open in Jan. 2013 with the Gonzaga University Bookstore and a new parking structure with 650 parking spaces and common/meeting areas.The leased out retail spaces will open sometime soon after the center's opening on the 1st floor.This project is the first construction project the school has under taken since 2009 and is needed to replace the existing center which is much smaller then this proposed student center,More to come as time goes by i'm sure....

Here is a photo of the proposed new Gonzaga student center....

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