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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recall effort underway in Coeur d Alene

RecallCDA is a new not for profit volunteer based group that has offically opened their offices in Suite 21 of the Sunset Shopping Center (296 W. Sunset Ave Coeur d' Alene,across from Fred Meyer).But it's not the new office that creating waves in the Coeur d' Alene community this time. It's RecallCDA's intentions that are causing a lot of talk. RecallCDA is attempting to gather enough signatures on the their 4 petitions to recall Mayor Sandi Bloem ,and 3 city council members which include Deanna Goodlander,Mike Kennedy and Woody McEvers.But why would one want a Mayor and 3 city council members kicked out of their elected posts? Orginizers of the RecallCDA movement base the recall efforts on how these politicians voted on the controversal plan to revitilize McEuen Park in Downtown Coeur d Alene.
The McEuen Park project has been a hot topic in Coeur d' Alene for sometime but only in the last year or so has city council moved forward on the 14 million dollar park project which includes many changes which I will post on this blog in a later post. The plan has angered Coeur d' Alene residents Frank Ozell and Mary Souza enough to orginize this recall campaign,As the RecallCDA campaign sits today the group has turned in it's first petition which allows them to start to offical petitioning process so be on the lookout for RecallCDA around the city in the coming weeks and keep reading Inland Northwest Business Watch as I will post more on this as it progresses.

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My personal opinion RecallCDA:
I have tried ever since starting this local business news web site to remain non-bias and report only as I the facts for you the INBW readers but I fell compelled by this attempted recall to add my thoughts.And I strongly urge Coeur d' Alene's residents to not sign RecallCDA petitions.The Mayor and City Council have proven they are pro-business and have brought jobs to Coeur d' Alene.On top of that Coeur d' Alene would not have The Kroc Center , The Downtown Library or the business friendly improvements done to Midtown and Downtown which prove that while no one will agree with these politicians on every vote they have done good for the community as a whole.In my opinion it is wrong to write off polticians based solely on one vote.I know McEuen Park has a special value to most Coeur d' Alene residents but why should we put so much focus on this issue when we have issues with Human Rights,Homelessness and keeping the jobs we have now, in our community.It's very sad to think of the devide this park has put in the community and I think that now is the time to put this behind us and move on and issueing a recall election is not the way to do that.