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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big changes in store at Tullamore

Tullamore is a mixed used development that was opened by a Boise based developer in Post Falls back in 2006 .The large development was to include over 1,000 single family homes and a large shopping center all on the site off of Hwy 41 inbetween Poleline Rd and Prarie Ave on the Northeast edge of Post Falls. But now in 2012 the project has slowed due to today's local economy and has been turned over to the financing bank,Panhandle State Bank.
But there is still hope for Tullamore as the bank and a new developer are purposing a new phase for the devlopment. In the coming months look for new projects off of Tullamore's Early Dawn Ave nearby the Poleline/ Hwy 41 intersection.The new developments will include....
-An assited living community (no name or owner revealed as of yet)
-An duplex style semi assited living community with 2 units each housing a group of senior citizens
-Another new apartment complex,The Tullamore Commons Apartments went up about a year ago and now watch for Tullmore Commons II Apartments.The new complex will include 51 new apartments all built by Hayden based Whitewater Creek.
-A non-profit community health clinic,The clinic will be a branch location of the Coeur d' Alene based Dirne Clinic and will be Dirne's first operation in Post Falls.
There is now time-line sent for when construction might begin or even opening dates for the new projects however some development will probably be soon as Developers note that Tullamore is in a prime spot for such a project.

Also Tullamore is continueing with new single family homes and lot sales.Hayden based Copper Basin Construction is now the development company in charge of the new single family homes which are still for sale/under construction with a price range of 130,000 to 240,000.Also Century 21 Real Estate is marketing the Tullamore Cottages project within Tullamore along Early Dawn Ave.,Tullamore Cottages are smaller cottage style homes and will sell for in the 140,000 range.