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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Local Business Profiles-Bcharmed A Fine Charmed Life by Vickie

Today's Inland Northwest Business Watch local business profile is of a Spokane Valley business called Bcharmed A Fine Charmed Life by Vickie .The business is operated by a local Independent Stylist for a company called Bcharmed named Vickie who runs the business as well as being a teacher .

Bcharmed has been in business for a year now and Vickie has operated her Bcharmed business for about 2 months ago. The new business sells jewelry items like charms,chains,bracelets,beads,baubles and clusters that can be mixed and matched to create all kinds of unique looks. Bcharmed also has new products like aprons and custom photo charms,which can be perfect for businesses,teams or any kind of group or possibly a unique gift because they can be customized with photos,logos,etc...

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