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Monday, July 2, 2012

A new H&M is coming to Spokane Valley Mall,and other exciting changes

It seems like every few weeks this summer I have something new to report to my readers about a new store or change going on at the Spokane Valley Mall but today's new business news is sure to be the biggest yet.
That news is that Spokane Valley mall will be home to the Spokane area's first H&M store. H&M is a large  fast-fashion retailer based in Stockholm,Sweden and while the chain boasts about 2,300 stores in 43 countries worldwide this location will be the first in our region. H&M also operates a store in Portland which had large crowds attend the grand opening just last year.There is no official word on a opening date for the new Spokane Valley H&M store but will most likely be later this year.

But that's not all that's happening new store wise for the Mall. Previously reported projects continue with Wholesale Sports moving out and heading to a new in mall site at Northtown Mall,Victoria's Secret expanding their store and the Hong Kong Buffet moving to the stand alone building in the Mall parking lot that was last Winger Bros. restaurant.

Not yet covered changes for shops at Spokane Valley Mall are...
 -A new Vans Shoes store will open in the mall later this year,the trendy shoe retailer also has a popular store at Spokane's Northtown Mall.

 -Existing clothing store Anderson Ink is moving to the 2nd floor of the mall,nearby Macy's

 -The Select Comfort (Sleep Number Bed store) will also move to the 2nd floor now by Journey's

 -Locally owned and operated art and picture framing store The Great Frame Up will also move upstairs now nearby Macy's

 -Children's clothing store Justice has moved next to Macy's also on the 1st floor

 -Hip Hop inspired clothing retailer Boss Wear can now be found on the 2nd floor still near Macy's.