Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dirty Dog Laundry is making Spokane's college life a little better.

A new business that opened only a couple of months ago here in Spokane is making life a little easier for the students at Gonzaga University. That new business is called Dirty Dog Laundry and it is being ran by 2 students, Peter Blei and Dolan Patterson .

In a nutshell Dirty Dog Laundry comes to you to get your laundry then does it for you,for a price which is charged in ether a annual,monthly, weekly or month to month payment plan .Customers are even given special bags for the laundry,which is transported to a local laundromat which Dirty Dog has an agreement with. The service is a very creative idea that has been designed for students who don't want to take the extra time to do laundry.

As of right now Dirty Dog Laundry is only available to students at Gonzaga University but is garnering interest in the community.

For more info on Dirty Dog Laundry visit-

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