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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some of Spokane's eyesores to be improved

Usually when a business or building closes it's a bad thing. However there is, in my opinion, an exception. That exception is when the place becomes known for being an eyesore or simply isn't a good member of the community any longer for any number of reasons. Spokane has several such businesses and properties scattered thru-out the metro area but luckily 3 of the most well known have all ,during the last month, announced plans to ether close or renovate soon. Those 3 businesses and properties are...

Apartments at 1010 W. Boone Ave. to be renovated

1010 W. Boone is an historic apartment building located near Monroe St. and the Spokane REI store. The building has been a haven for drugs and criminal activity for the last few years. But things are about to change for the building at 1010 as the building has new owners, the new owners Joe and Misty Crosby . The Crosby's also own the Motel Lasalle apartment building around the corner on Monroe and plan to do the same to the 1010 building as they did the LaSalle. The plans call for complete cleaning and extensive renovation both inside and out.

Rainbow Bar closed.

The Rainbow Bar,which has now closed it's doors, has been a less then desirable bar for sometime. And the bar's surrounding neighborhood has also been lacking. The area around the Rainbow along E. Sprague Ave. about a mile east of Downtown is in an area known for it's prostitution and drug issues. But hope is coming to the neighborhood with it being renamed the Spokane International District and a new large multi-family apartment building being constructed nearby( More on this project coming soon...)

Tradewinds Motor Inn closing.

The Tradewinds Motor Inn will also soon close it's doors. The Tradewinds which is a Spokane landmark has been on the corner of 3rd Ave and Lincoln St. since opening in the 1960's. The motel once welcomed wary travelers to Spokane but in recent years has mostly been a place to stay month to month for Spokane's low income and near homeless residents. The motel's owners chose not to renew the lease and have even placed everything inside the motel up for sale.