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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Owners of the new Red Lion Inn on the Sunset Hill face criminal charges over illegal renovations

West Spokane's former Spokane House hotel is now back open with an all new look and branding. The hotel is now known as Red Lion Inn & Suites Spokane and is the third Red Lion branded hotel in the Spokane market area. But, that is old news since it officially opened a few months ago. Today's news surrounding the new hotel involves an event that occurred during the hotel's renovations.

The Washington State Attorney General is now actively charging the hotel owner's 2013 Investments with illegally disposing of asbestos that was in the hotel building prior to the renovations. The Washington State AG says 2013 Investments , who is made up of Dayabir Bath , his nephew Gee Grewal and a John Hickson , had the asbestos removed without obtaining proper permits with the City of Spokane. In fact one Spokane Clean Air Agency employee even reports seeing piles of debris that likely contained asbestos siting outside in 43 mph winds putting workers and hotel neighbors at risk.

Also of note in the case against 2013 Investments is a building permit that was filed with the City of Spokane for only replacing, painting and texturing drywall, although it was reported more extensive renovations we're already underway at the time of filing.

All three partners in 2013 Investments will face 3 charges of violating the Washington Clean Air Act and one count of reckless endangerment. 2013 Investment member Gee Grewal will also face one count of making false statements to a public servant. Each count carries a maximum of 364 days in jail and/or $5,000 in fines. The case is still ongoing and these are only charges, a 3 are innocent until proven guilty.

The new Red Lion Inn & Suites remains open for business , this hotel takes the place of a former hotel known as the Spokane House Hotel which has operated in Spokane since the 1950's , prior to the new owners renovations that hotel had been temporarily closed. The property boasts 84 rooms, five stories and is within easy driving distance of both Downtown Spokane and Spokane International Airport at 4301 W. Sunset Hwy. More information on the Red Lion Inn & Suites Spokane can be found at -