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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Renovations coming to Downtown Spokane's Tradewinds Motor Inn property

A Western Washington based businessman is about to take a chance on one of Downtown Spokane's most notorious eye sore properties. A developer based out of Renton is in talks to purchase, re-do and re-open the former Tradewinds Motor Inn at 907 W. 3rd on the South side of the Downtown area. The hotel will be re-open with the branding of a national hotel chain, but will retain much of it's history and look, just without all the issues it has today.

The Tradewinds Motor Inn closed about 5 years ago after several years of operating as an apartment building for low income individuals. The neglect on the property was evident even before closed it's doors. Since closing down the Trade Winds has been hit by vandals, squatters and even did a cameo in the Spokane based zombie themed Z Nation TV show on the SyFy TV Network.

But if this sale goes through hope and life will likely return to the property, which is visible from I-90 and an easy drive from most of Downtown's shopping and entertainment destinations. A full renovation is planned for the entire property to allow it to re-open under the Howard Johnson hotel brand by Thanksgiving this year.

Much of the hotel will stay the same just with modern upgrades and clean up's. The only planned change is removing the outdoor pool and replacing it with a children's water feature. The hotel contains 60 guest rooms and a surface parking lot. This will be the second hotel construction project to hit Downtown Spokane, as a Spokane Valley based developer is in the construction phase of building a new Hampton Inn nearby Sacred Heart Hospital.

This would also be the only Howard Johnson branded hotel in the Spokane market, although they are not new to Spokane. Howard Johnson once operated in the property that is now the Ruby 2 Hotel Downtown , and the now Motel 6 at the base of the Division St. hill. There is no news as of yet about job creation from this project or renderings, we will continue to keep a close eye for more...