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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dollar Cents dollar store opening at the Division St. Hill

A new dollar store is setting up shop in the long vacant space in the center of the Division St. Square building at 3609 N. Division ( Suites C & D ). The new store which will go by the name Dollar Cents should be open sometime before the end of the month and will occupy 9300 square feet of space.

Dollar Cents will sell a wide variety of merchandise in small departments like most dollar stores and will actually order from largely the same suppliers as the Dollar Tree chain. The store will employ around 10 and will be the one and only Dollar Cents store. But that's just for the time being as they hope to change that. The owners hope to make the store a chain with goals to open new stores every 6 months. But, no sure thing about where or when any other stores may end up opening. 

The N. Division Dollar Cents will be open daily from 8am-10pm and for more information find them on Facebook or soon visit-