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Thursday, November 16, 2017

College Avenue Apartments- that hip new apartment building going in just outside Kendall Yards

TCould the development boom of Kendall Yards finally be breaking out of it's borders and bringing improvements to the West Central neighborhood?

If you've driven by the corner of Adams & College you'll see the first such project that we think will just be the beginning of new modern urban development in that area. Sure, Kendall Yards proper is just on the opposite side of College Ave from this project, but on the north side is what will soon be the brand new 3 story College Avenue Apartments .

The new apartment complex will offer 27 apartments owned by Centennial Properties who along with local firm HDG Architecture have designed a new multi-family housing complex that one would expect of larger cities like Seattle or Portland. Vandervert Construction is the contractor and work is happening as we speak on the apartments which will be " market rate ". The units are currently scheduled to be available for lease in Q1 of 2018.

The building as a whole is about 33,000 square feet and the apartments will all range around 1,000 square feet each. All apartments will be 2 bedroom, 2 bath and while we don't know the rental rate just yet HDG's website claims the end user will have " reasonable rental rates ". Limited surface parking will also be available on the back side of the new building ( 27 spaces, so 1 per apartment ).

Watch for future updates as the new College Avenue Apartments opens and starts leasing....