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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Will anything ever come to the former Hooters in the Valley?

One of the more common questions people ask me is if anything is coming to the now abandoned former Hooters restaurant visible along I-90 by Sullivan Rd. . There hasn't been a tenant there since 2014 when a short lived sports bar and adjacent breakfast restaurant closed their doors. And the Hooters franchise itself left a bit before that.

The question about this building intensified recently as the building owner cleaned up the graffiti and gave the whole place a kind gray paint job. But, sadly this looks to have been done mostly to make the place more marketable and as of right now it is still up for lease.

However, a recent real estate listing on CRE web site implies a new push to fill the building, but not with a new restaurant. This time around it's up for sale or lease to be remodeled into office space / medical office space or retail. The listing shows a couple of drafts that can be considered for the building, one would be very similar to a strip mall with what looks like 3 retail bays. Another option shows a 3 suite office center with a common lobby area right in the middle.

These are only drafts however so they are not exactly what will come there. They are however signs of hope that something will be there soon as these both seem like they would be more in demand and fit the neighborhood which is now mostly office spaces and apartments ( a lot of apartments.... ).

So, with that said if your interested in opening a business there ( I'm not affiliated with the owner nor am I in the real estate field ) it is available via Kimele & Hagood Real Estate. It's presently listed for sale at $2,000,000 or for lease at $10- $18 per square foot. It is one of the more visible buildings in the Spokane area with almost 80,000 cars per day passing by on I-90 and lots of new residents in the immediate area.

For more information on the building, check this PDF from the broker-

And, as always we'll continue to watch for any new businesses coming to this and all buildings in the Spokane area so stay tuned.....