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Monday, March 26, 2018

Etailz to relocate HQ to Spokane Valley

Etailz is leaving Spokane, but have no fear the growing company isn't going far. Etailz is beginning a remodeling project to move into a larger office space in Spokane Valley. The company says they have outgrown their current HQ in the historic McKinstry Station building at 850 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. . No word on who will replace them there.

The new Etailz HQ will provide workspaces for all of the company's 250 plus employees and should be ready for occupancy sometime this Summer. This new office will occupy 37479 square feet in the Sullivan Business Center at 2818 N. Sullivan, which was Itron's factory space several years ago . This new HQ location is also strategic as the company already leases some warehouse space not from here in Spokane Business & Industrial Park.

Etailz , which was once known as greencupboards describes themselves as a leading online marketplace retailer. They also offer advanced technology and strategys to help grow there customers sales on Amazon, Jet, Ebay, Walmart and Alibaba.

While Etailz HQ is located here in Spokane, they are a part of the larger parent company Trans World Entertainment Corp of New York. Trans World Entertainment acquired Etailz in 2016 for $75 million. But, despite the far off ownership, Etailz has managed to remain a separate entity. Trans World Entrainment Corp. is also the owner of FYE and Suncoast Entertainment brands which we're recoginaizable largely mall based retail brands.

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