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Monday, March 5, 2018

New Taco Bell may replace Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor

Plans are calling for a new Taco Bell location to be built in place of what is today the Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor. But, the key word here is may as this is still very much in the planning phase.

CLC Restaurants of Missoula, the owner of all of the local Taco Bell franchises, has filed " pre-development conference " documents with the City of Spokane to build a new Taco Bell on the site, which is located at 6404 N. Ash.

The plans call for a demolition of the current structure and the replacement with a new construction Taco Bell. The new Taco Bell would be 2573 square feet with a drive thru lane, indoor seating for 52 and a small amount of outdoor seating. Parking would be added on the south side of the lot along the new building and few spaces up front near the roadway.

So what about Five Mile Heights Pizza? It's a locally owned pizza business that's been a part of the Five Mile neighborhood for quite sometime. Well, we haven't been able to get a reply back from their ownership just yet, but we have several sources saying they are closing up shop. According to our sources the pizza restaurant is to close at the end of April. We will continue to work on confirming this however...

We don't have information about when construction will begin, or an opening date for the new Taco Bell. So, keep checking back as we will continue to follow this project...