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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Affordable Pet Dental Plus / Union Animal Hospital to relocate to East Central Spokane

Yet another business is joining in on the renaissance of E. Sprague, now know as the Sprague Union District. And, it'll be a move up for them as it will mean a larger more visible location.

The business I'm talking about is Affordable Pet Dental Plus, who is in the process of changing their name to Union Animal Hospital. The name change is in part to reflect that they are a full service veterinary clinic and not just for animal dental needs. Affordable Pet Dental Plus will lease about 6300 square feet at the East Gate Plaza building on the 2200 block of E. Sprague, and will open there after the space is converted in a clinic for them.

Affordable Pet Dental Plus / Union Animal Hospital is currently in a smaller location at 3613 E. Springfield, off of Freya. This new clinic will offer a larger lobby and more exam rooms to reduce wait times for patients. Their vet, Dr. Sutton is also currently take additional courses in orthopedic surgery to allow for more in house surgical options as well.

Their clinic is one the highest rated veterinary clinics in Spokane. Customers will find a caring team that provides an array of services to our dog and cat family members. They provide everything from shots and routine care, to specific care needs and lab diagnostics to surgery.

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