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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates & Ice Cream coming to Spokane

Since their founding in 1964 Mrs. Cavanaugh's has been a go to for sweet lovers in the Salt Lake City area. Today they operate a factory in North Salt Lake City and five retail locations around the Salt Lake Valley but they are growing and expanding to a new retail location in the Wandermere area here in Spokane.

Plans are for Mrs. Cavanaugh's to open sometime late this month in the new strip mall at 513 E. Hastings. The store will carry their full line of chocolates from truffles to creams, fudge to caramels and everything in-between. There many specialty items and even some awesome sounding candy bars. If chocolates not your thing they also have some popcorns and a big selection of premium custard ice creams. All of it perfect for the holidays or really any day!

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