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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Nectar Wine and Beer is still coming to South Perry

In the world of commercial real estate and construction it seems as if nothing goes as planned. Even writing this blog there have been countless places that have missed there opening dates leaving us all guessing. But, one such local mystery has been Nectar Wine and Beer's planned and even announced new second location.

Originally announced in September of 2016 they we're to open a second location in the Spring of 2017. But, after a bit of negotiation issues we have learned Nectar has now signed a lease and the a new Nectar Wine and Beer is in fact coming to the South Perry neighborhood with the owner saying they will be selecting a contractor soon.

The hope is to have this new space open sometime in the Spring of 2019 in the newer building at 907 S. Perry. Assuming the same plan remains the new place will be very similar to the original Nectar Wine and Beer which has called the Kendall Yards Business District home since it's opening in 2015.

Nectar Wine and Beer is a locally owned and operated specialty shop / bar featuring fine wines from around the region, craft beers and some meats and cheeses. They also have become well known for there many events, which will likely continue on at the new second location on South Perry.

Keep watching for more...

And, for more info on Nectar Wine and Beer find them on Facebook at

They also do have a website but I'm waiting on linking that as it looks to be hacked right now...