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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tru by Hilton planning to open in Spokane Valley

Yet another company is choosing Spokane Valley as their first location in Washington State.

Tru by Hilton, a recently established, slightly more hip and technology forward brand from Hilton is in the planning phase for a new location just west of the Spokane Valley Mall.

A pre-development conference was filed recently with the City of Spokane Valley, but exact plans have yet to be seen by us. However from what we do know the new hotel would be a four story building with 43000 plus square feet. It will be built nearby Mirabeau Park at corner of Mansfield Ave. and Mirabeau Pkwy.

NOTE: This is not a rendering of the exact Spokane Valley location, just a rendering of an average Tru by Hilton hotel. Almost all look much like this with the exception of number of floors.

Tru by Hilton hotels offer "Eat & Sip" markets , mobile check in, digital keys, lobby tablets and a social media wall among other unique features that set the Tru by Hilton brand apart from others and make it an attractive choice for millennials and a younger crowd of traveler.

While this will be the first Tru by Hilton hotel in Washington, the brand has been growing and they even have locations as close as Meridian,ID. The chain has over 100 locations already open for business and many more in development, just like the new Spokane Valley location.

For more info on Tru by Hilton, check out their website at