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Monday, July 1, 2019

Stella's to return with new location in Downtown Spokane

Many still remember Stella's Café, the small but hip restaurant with an sandwich focused menu and a orange door near the Spokane Arena. Stella's merged in with Ruins, another restaurant by Chef Tony Brown, back in Jan of 2017.

Ruins, of course, continued on with an always changing menu and Chef Brown is also working on an all new restaurant that will be coming soon to Downtown Spokane's The Bickett Building. So needless to say he's kept busy even without a separate Stella's location,

But, now at little more then 2 years after Stella's left, it's coming back!

Stella's Café will return in a somewhat new version in the Saranac Commons building at 19 W. Main in Downtown Spokane. Taking advantage of the spaces that we're very recently emptied by Chef Jeremy Hansen's closures of his 2 businesses in that complex. The new Stella's is to open sometime next month and they say their old sandwich menu will return complete with several vegan and vegetarian options. They are also planning a "revamped lunch menu " with more salads, pastas and entrees.

Keep watching for more news on the new Stella's coming back to Downtown!