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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hardwick & Sons, with 80+ years in Seattle is moving to Post Falls

Hardwick & Sons is everything you'd want out of a family owned hardware store. Friendly folks with more merchandise then you could ever need and over 80 years in business. But, those 80 plus years ( 87 to be exact ) have been spent on the other side of the state, at 4214 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle's University District.

So, why is Hardwick & Sons making news on a small local news blog almost 300 miles away? That's because Hardwick & Sons in moving, to Post Falls. Factors ranging from increasing crime and high property taxes have made the Hardwick family decide it's time to try something new. In fact really new as the business plans to build an all new building as well when they relocate to " Idaho's River City ".

Hardwick & Sons is currently working their way through the permitting / planning phases to construct a new 17,000 square foot building on Post Falls' east side. The business would have a 10,000 square foot retail store and a 7,000 square foot warehouse, which would in part store the products the business still sells on it's website. While the Post Falls store would still be a part of the original company they say it will be cleaned up a bit, while still selling many harder to find items.

The store is to be built on a couple of lots at 3820 / 3850 E. Mullan Ave , in-between a Domino's Pizza anchor strip mall and a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand. Construction likely won't begin till late Summer at the earliest but demolition work on the 2 homes that we're exsisting on the site has already begun.

Keep watching for more, and for a more in depth look at why Hardwick & Sons is planning the move, check out their interview on Seattle radio station KIRO 97.3 at

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