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Sunday, July 17, 2022

HUGE new update to our Current Construction Projects page!

 Ever wonder what's going in where? The articles we publish onto the main site give one a good idea, but there just isn't time to cover it all. That's why we have a convenient page of active construction in the Spokane area, and we just did a big overhaul of it!

Check it out at

New additions include-

New warehousing / co-working space coming to the former Triumph building near Airway Heights.

Upper floors of the Luigi's building to become apartments.

21-unit apartment building planned off of an Alley along Monroe St., near Kendall Yards.

And, a lot more! It's not a list of everything as it's very likely I forgot a couple. There's also a few that I'm hearing about but haven't seen permits / movement on just yet so I'm leaving those off the list for in-case they stall. 

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions ( ). And, with any luck watch for a Kootenai County version of this list at some point as well.